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Interesting textile facts

Needlepoint refers to a particular set of stitching techniques worked upon stiff open weave canvas.
Tent Stitch is a slanted stitch.
The roots of Needlepoint extends back to the ancient Egyptians who used small slanted stitches to sew up their canvas tents.
Tapestry is a woven textile which is traditionally woven on a vertical loom. Tapestry is made up of two sets of interlaced threads known as the warp and the weft.
Embroidery involves working designs on cloth with laid or stitched threads. Any cloth may be used and any thread may be used.
Cross-stitch is a sub-category of embroidery. All cross-stitch embroidery creates designs using threads applied in crossed (x) stitches. There are two basic forms: cross-stitch using printed patterns and cross-stitch done on open weave fabric.

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