Jessie Deane is a textile artist from Yarraville in Melbourne's west. Her forthcoming exhibition 'Sew Suburb-Banal', will be presented as part of the 2018 Melbourne Fringe Festival. 'Sew Suburb-Banal' opens Sunday 9th September at Post Industrial Design, 638 Barkly Street, West Footscray (6-8pm), and runs until 7th October. This most recent body of work is a labour of love, paying homage to Melbourne’s west. It is a collection of needlepoint artworks inspired by, and of, the suburbs of Melbourne's west. Surburbia is often seen as “banal” and “boring”, but this work highlights the beauty in the banality of these fading social landscapes. This collection doubles up as documentation of a changing landscape, while radical transformations throughout the west highlight the dangers of potential eradication of these suburbs. The makeup of Melbourne's western suburbs, with the diverse cultural mix of aesthetics makes it a location rich with imagery perfect for the medium of needlepoint. Deane takes the mundane flatness of the subjects and breathes new life into these gems in the most surprising of ways. Deane’s work evokes feelings of memory and connection, both through the medium and the imagery which reminds people to look more closely at the landscape in which they live. At the same time, audience members are drawn into the photo realistic stitched images to take a closer look at the technique, often surprised that the work is, in fact, textile. Jessie was shortlisted for the inaugural Footscray Art Prize in May 2017. In 2015 Jessie was a finalist in the inaugural Victorian Craft award and won the 2014 Melbourne Fringe Best Visual Arts Award for her exhibition, ‘(Thr)edifice’.

Stores Branch, Spotswood

FOR SALE (440 x 310) Copyright © 2015 Jessie Deane

Car at the Westgate Golf Club, Spotswood

FOR SALE (440 x 310) Copyright © 2015 Jessie Deane

Servac, Spotswood

SOLD  (440 x 310) Copyright © 2015 Jessie Deane

Glassworks Entrance, Spotswood

Glassworks Entrance, Spotswood

FOR SALE (310 x 440) Copyright © 2015 Jessie Deane

Glassworks, Spotswood

FOR SALE (440 x 310) Copyright © 2015 Jessie Deane

Duchess of Spotswood

SOLD (310 x 440) Copyright © 2015 Jessie Deane

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