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Family Inpspirations

I was inspired by my Great Aunt Cecily who loved needlepoint and was always making beautiful, but quite traditional images. I am lucky to have inherited two beautiful needlepoint works which I love.

My Great Great Aunt was Evelyn Wyld a weaver and rug maker. She worked with Eileen Gray making rugs which Eileen designed. Eileen and Evie were very close friends and travelled together often.

My Grandfather was a beautiful model maker and made miniature furniture and boats.

My Great Aunt Biddy was really inspiring and taught me to love art and craft. She dabbled in set design and loved the theatre. She was my favourite and I named my dog after her!

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My kitchen utensils paintings

Kitchen 2 Kitchen 3 Kitchen 4 KitchenThese are some examples of some paintings I’ve been working on. It is yet to be titled but will be paintings of my favourite kitchen ustensils which I plan to use to make needlepoint work. Keep your eyes on the prize!

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Westgate Bridge

I love living in the west but hate breathing the air. I love the urban landscape and the shapes and colours, but hate the hum of traffic. I love the view from the bridge but always remember the tragedy that has befallen it. I love the excitement of a refinery evacuation alarm but feel terrified that one day it might not be a practice drill. I love the ships but hate the trucks. I love the piles of containers on ships and on land. I’m fascinated that wherever you go in the western suburbs, the Newport Power Station ‘s three red stripes can always be seen.

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Happy working

I studied woven textiles in the UK but I never really pursued the craft after completing my degree. Five years ago, I started thinking about making some work inspired by Melbourne’s west. I found myself driving past the Newport Power Station and Yarraville Terminal and I was fascinated by the ever changing colours and shadows. I was really excited by the Altona refinery, which I found threatening and disturbing but at the same time really interesting and inspiring. I wanted to make wood cuts to replicate the darkness and harshness of the landscape but didn’t have the resources required, then considered paintings. After contemplating this for a while, I thought about needle point. I wanted to go back to my roots and what a perfect subject matter.

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Gordie Boy

This is my dog, Gordie. He’s got toilet paper in his mouth, not a cigarette. Gordie is very inspiring and one day I hope to make a needlepoint picture of all his special poses including this one.



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